The Hardest Positions to Play in Sports, Ranked

Controlling a NFL offense as a quarterback? Saving a penalty as a goalkeeper? We ranked the hardest positions to play in sports today.

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On a recent episode of the newly-renovated Undisputed Live, Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson and Michael Irvin got into a passionate debate about the difficulty of the cornerback position compared to the wide receiver position. Sherman, a former All-Pro corner, obviously sided with the cornerback position while to the two legendary receivers begged to differ. The conversation had us thinking: What are the hardest positions in sports?  

While many might say quarterback is the most difficult position in football, Sherman may actually have a point stating cornerback provides the toughest test in the sport. With the level of athletes at the receiver position and with the corner's objective being to mirror those elite athletes, it makes sense. Beyond football, you have to consider sports like baseball that are fully based on skill and nothing else. From batting to pitching to catching, nothing is easy in that sport and based off physical attributes solely. 

We curated a list of the hardest positions to play in sports among the most popular sports in America. We did not factor in individual sports like tennis and golf as there are no specific positions for those sports. In addition to that we left out the likes of cricket, water polo, and other sports that aren't as dominant in America. With that being said, here are the hardest positions to play in sports, ranked. 

8. Point Guard (Basketball)

7. Left Tackle (Football)

6. Quarterback (Football)

5. Goalie (Hockey)

4. Goalkeeper (Soccer)

3. Relief Pitcher (Baseball)

2. Cornerback (Football)

1. Catcher (Baseball)

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