'Madden 21' Debuts Brand New "The Yard" Mode

We talked to Travis Kelce about Madden 21's new "The Yard" mode and how fans of the sports video game are going to experience this brand new feature.

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The release of Madden 21 is under two weeks away, and as we get closer to launch day, the Madden team has officially announced the brand new "The Yard" mode, which will debut in this year's game. "The Yard" is essentially the next generation of Superstar KO, which debuted in Madden 20, and gives fans an entirely new way to play the legendary football game. As you can see from the trailer above, this is a full-blown backyard football experience, with backwards passes, one-man rushes, a whole bunch of trick plays, and much more. It's essentially bringing everyone back to their childhood glory days of playing backyard football. Even better, you'll be able to fully customize your character and make them 100 percent your own in the game.

As someone who got a chance to try out the mode, I can confirm that it's a lot of fun. It's a more free flowing version of the Madden franchise and a good change of pace from the regular football game mode. It's fast, easy to play and best of y'all, a perfect mode to play with friends. 

Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce also had rave reviews of the new feature. "It's for all ages, man. I think it brings out the old-school just go out in the backyard and play before you even had video games, I think it brings that crowd," said Kelce. "It is a different style of game, so they're going to have to kind of catch up on how the point system and everything's going. There is a new age kind of wave in that regard."

And we all know how much Kelce likes to bring his style to gameday, which makes the customization in the "The Yard" right up his alley. "You can swag out your dude however you want. The more wins you get the better skills you have, the better swag you got out there. It's taken me back to being a kid all over again, and making me kind of jealous that this wasn't available when I was younger because I would be doing it all day every day." 

Madden 21 with the new "The Yard" feature drops on August 25. 

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