Rob Dyrdek Jumps a Sonic Backwards Into the History Books

Don't try this at home.

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Guinness World Records are broken everyday, mainly because people think up nutty, previously un-attempted things to do. That’s just what happened yesterday at Six Flags Magic Mountain when Rob Dyrdek set the world record for the “Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump by a Car”. Judging by the video, it’s safe to say he found the redline.

Dyrdek launched a 2014 Chevy Sonic RS Turbo backwards down a ramp, posting the record with a total of 89 feet 3¼ inches. The stunt wraps up taping for the season finale of  “Fantasy Factory” on MTV, the show in which he completed a 360 kick-flip in a Sonic back in 2011. Check out the episode when it airs on March 13 at 10:30pm EST.

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