The Rock Makes Surprise Appearance on 'WWE Raw' to Tease Roman Reigns Match

The Rock also used his grand return to mock Jinder Mahal as "the day-one douchebag."

Video via WWE on USA

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Video via WWE on USA

The Rock has set his sights on Roman Reigns.

On Monday night’s WWE Raw, the pro wrestling star made a surprise return, spurring an unparalleled crowd response in the process. Notably, Rock’s pop-in was timed to interrupt Jinder Mahal, who subsequently found himself the subject of intense mockery and an eventual smackdown.

"You can’t ever come out here in the people’s ring, in front of the people, with the people’s champ in the building [and] run our country down free of consequence from The Rock," Rock said upon making his grand entrance.

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Video via WWE

From there, as the crowd continued to be worked into a full-fledged frenzy, Rock dubbed Mahal “the day-one douchebag” before enlisting audience members to drive home the point by starting up a split chant of “day-one” and “douchebag.” The chants quickly proved to be music to Rock’s ears, as evidenced by his continued disses.

At one point, Rock took the musical route, singing of what he described as Mahal's balllessness.

"You’re an angry toxic douchebag who clearly has no class, so you’ve left The Rock no choice but to whoop your candyass," he sang.

Ultimately, this all built to Rock hitting The People’s Elbow for the San Diego crowd.

To close out his widely headlined return, Rock also teased his push for a seat “at the head of the table,” a statement that has fans pondering the possibility of a Rock and Reigns showdown.

Reigns appeared to respond to Rock's remarks with some timely emoji, as seen below:


— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) January 2, 2024

Monday’s appearance came months after Rock’s surprise showing at SmackDown last September. That same month, Rock said he was “open” to a Reigns match as part of the next WrestleMania event.

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