O.J. Simpson Thought He Was in Hell When He Woke Up From Surgery to the Sounds of Wu-Tang Clan

Though Simpson didn't specify which Wu-Tang track he was hearing, podcast co-host Mase was quick to ask about "Protect Ya Neck."

oj simpson and wu tang clan live show
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oj simpson and wu tang clan live show

O.J. Simpson dropped in on a recent episode of the It Is What It Is podcast with Cam’ron, Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson, and Mase. Toward the top of the ensuing discussion, Simpson detailed a recent incident which saw him briefly convinced he had woken up to the sounds of Wu-Tang Clan in Hell after heart surgery.

Per Simpson, he had a "very interesting week," starting with some heart-related news he received after visiting a doctor.

"I went through a few things this week," he said around the 1:40 mark. "First of all, the most poignant thing was I was getting sleepy at stop lights. So I called my doctor, went to the hospital, and they put me in immediately. Next thing I know, I got two crews of people talking about opening my chest and doing stuff to my heart."

Ultimately, Simpson revealed, doctors decided to go through his wrist to reach his heart. For the ensuing procedure, he was put to sleep.

"I kinda woke up earlier," Simpson said. "And I wake up in the middle of this and they’re, like, blasting the Wu-Tang crew. And I’m thinking, 'What is that I’m hearing?' and it was the Wu-Tang crew. You know, I guess some people when they do surgeries they play Bach or they play Chopin or something. But I’m hearing the Wu-Tang crew [and I'm like] 'Oh, I know they ain’t playing this up here. Am I down here?'"

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To drive home his point, Simpson motioned with his eyes to signal Heaven and Hell. Cam'ron responded by pushing back against the joke that Wu-Tang wouldn't be played in a hypothetical Heaven scenario.

"I don’t know, baby. I just suspected that wasn’t being played up there inside them pearly gates," Simpson added.

From there, Mase hit Simpson with an inquiry about which Wu-Tang track he woke up hearing.

"What song was it?" he asked. "Was it 'Protect Ya Neck?'"

This is one of the funniest and craziest convos, OJ Simpson told Mase and Cam'ron he went to the hospital to check on his heart.

He said heard Wu Tang Clan's music when he woke up and thought he was in hell and then Mase said did they play Protect Ya Neck 💀💀💀💀💀 pic.twitter.com/UlN3pCwG7m

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While we're here, watch the music video for Raekwon's "Heaven & Hell" from this classic 1995 album, Only Built For Cuban Linx.

Raekwon's "Heaven & Hell"

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