Twerking on a Cop Car in UGGs Is the Ultimate Display of Disrespect

Stay Classy, Western Washington Uni.

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Western Washington University students threw beer bottles at the cop cars. They uprooted traffic signs and threw them in front of the cop cars. Windshields on cop cars were shattered. But, in a riot that occurred after police had broken up a house party, the most disrespectful display came from a young lady who inverted herself, planted her UGG boots on a Bellingham Police car, and expressed herself to her best ability.

The above photo is one of many from the ugly scene that involved 300-400 people (students and townies) and resulted in cops spraying the crowds with flash bombs and pepper balls. Check out the communities mixed reactions about the event with the Twitter hashtag #BellinghamBlockParty (yep, it had its own hashtag). Thanks, guys, you're makin' us Generation Yers looks great. 

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[via Total Frat Move via The Western Front]

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