NFL Journeyman Kyle Orton Retires, People of Chicago Half-Jokingly Call for Him To Coach Bears

He played for five teams.

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On a day when head coaches, general managers, and offensive coordinators are all being let go, NFL quarterback extraordinaire Kyle Orton is actively choosing to let go of a wild career that took him all over the country. And fans are already calling for his return. 

The 10-year veteran who had previously played for the Chicago Bears, the Denver Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Dallas Cowboys finished his career on a high note this year, going 7-5 with the Buffalo Bills and beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in his final game. Orton helped give Buffalo its first winning season since 2004 after signing a two-year contract that included a player option for 2015. Orton says the decision was for his family. 

“I just have been going at it for 10 years and it’s just a family decision and I’ve decided to get home and be a dad and call it a day,” he said. “I think I’ve been away from my parents since going to college, so 14 years. Anytime you have a chance to end on a good note and go home and spend time with family that’s really important to me and my wife and we’re just excited to move on.”

And although he said there's nothing that would bring him back to the NFL, the fans from the team who drafted him already have some designs on his future. Following Chicago's complete house cleaning today, some people have sorta jokingly, probably sorta seriously suggested that Orton get involved with the Bears' front office. Hey, he at least finished his career with more touchdowns (101) than interceptions (69). It can't go much worse than it has the past two seasons, right? 

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