Joe Rogan Explains Why Toronto Is One Of His 'Favourite Cities'

The infamous UFC commentator and comedian explains why Toronto is one of his 'favourite cities'

Joe Rogan Explains Why Toronto Is One Of His 'Favourite Cities'


Joe Rogan Explains Why Toronto Is One Of His 'Favourite Cities'

Add Joe Rogan to the long list of celebrities who love Toronto.

Speaking on his popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which boasts almost 4,500,000 subscribers, the comedian and UFC commentator heaped praise on the Canadian city.

“Toronto’s amazing,” Rogan told his guest Gad Saad, Concordia University’s Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Science (transcript via DailyHive). “I love it. It’s one of my favourite cities. One of the things I love about it is it’s like a big city, but the people are friendly like its a small town. I don’t know how the hell you guys pull that off.”

Spurred on by Rogan’s comments about Toronto, Saad asked the UFC commentator what he thinks about Montreal.

Rogan admitted he loves that city as well, but prefers Toronto.

“I like Toronto better, sorry, Montreal,” Rogan said, explaining that he’s not crazy about the city “making everyone speak French.”

“I get they’re trying to cling on to their culture, and the culture is wonderful, the food’s fantastic, there’s great people in Montreal,” he continued. “I love Montreal, but I love Toronto more.”

Rogan has spent quite a bit of time in both cities. The UFC has promoted six events in Toronto, and seven in Montreal, and he’s been seated the commentary desk for just about all of them. The comedian’s gig with the UFC has also taken him to other Canadian cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg, so his frame of reference is actually pretty good.

The UFC has also visited other Canadian cities like Ottawa, Halifax, Quebec City, Moncton, and Saskatoon, though Rogan was not used as a commentator at those events.

Over the course of his many visits to Canada, Rogan seems to have developed pretty high opinions of the country as a whole.

“It’s one of the greatest countries the world has ever known,” he said.

We’re with you, Joe.

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