Los Angeles Chargers Booed by Both Clippers Fans and Lakers Fans in L.A.

Los Angeles Chargers booed by both Clippers fans and Lakers fans in the Staples Center during a recent game.

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chargers logo

The Chargers have had a trial by fire in their first few days in the Los Angeles market. Saturday night during the Lakers/Clippers game, the L’s kept on coming for the new kid in town.

Jeff Cumberland is the backup tight end for the newly minted Los Angeles Chargers, and he was spotlighted on the scoreboard along with his team’s new tentative logo. Neither group of fans in attendance were here for the intrusion as both booed him mercilessly. 

L.A.’s fanbases can be savage upon occasion and are known to throw tantrums over the performances of their own teams. 

When the new Chargers logo flashed on the screen, you already knew that there was going to be trouble. Social media has been throwing alley-oops with memes about the team's new logo since it debuted on Twitter. And Roast sessions have continued even though the team is on its third logo in two days. None of this is a great sign for a team trying to get acclimated to a new home.

Cumberland has been in the league for six years and spent the entirety of this season on the injured reserve for the Bolts. Fans could have been salty that he wasn’t Phillip Rivers or Antonio Gates, but more likely they just aren’t happy about the second team coming to the city in two years. For massive stretches of this season, L.A. sports fans didn’t seem excited about the team they had just acquired. 

Looks like there's a bumpy road ahead for the Chargers.

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