Charles Barkley Defends the LGBTQ+ Community: ‘If You Have a Problem With Them, F*ck You’

The basketball legend addressed the controversy surrounding Dylan Mulvaney's Bud Light partnership.

Hugh Gerald Hanan

Charles Barkley has a few words, conservative, homophobic naysayers. 

The NBA legend attended American Century's celebrity golf tourament over the weekend and had a conversation about anti-LGBTQ+ "a**holes."

In a viral TikTok video, the Inside the NBA host was seen at an event held at a bar in Lake Tahoe, CA. "I am going to buy drinks for y'all," he said toward the crowd. "And I am going to buy Bud Light," referring to their recent partnership with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. "All you rednecks and a**holes who do not want to drink Budlight, f**k y'all."

He went on and said that he is not worried about being canceled, insinuating that if he gets fired, he will just play golf instead.

"If you're gay, God bless you. If you're trans, God bless you. And if you have a problem with them, f**k you," he proudly said. 

This news come after a hateful backlash arose after Bud Light's campaign with Mulvaney was publicized. Social media trolls called for anti-transgender supporters to rally against the company and "boycott" their product as well as everything from the beer's parent brand Anheuser-Busch. According to The New York Times, the company received a strong retaliation from conservatives as sales took a hit. 

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