Watch LeBron Masterfully Coach His Son After He Misses Shots

Dad LeBron might be the best LeBron.

LeBron James Jr., LeBron JAmes, Bryce Maximus James

Image via Getty/Jayne Kamin-Oncea

LeBron James Jr., LeBron JAmes, Bryce Maximus James

This season's young Lakers are in capable hands with team patriarch, LeBron James. While even casual fans might know of LeBron's eldest son, LeBron James Jr., aka Bronny, his youngest boy (he also has an even younger daughter), Bryce Maximus James, also hoops. It was after a recent game where Bryce's team came back to win that LeBron stepped in to offer some sage advice about the perils of getting down on yourself when the ball doesn't want to fall through the nylon. 

LeBron mentioned three moments where Bryce made some great plays that might not show up in a box score, but ended up as crucial moments in the comeback win: A tip-in, an outlet pass that led to an and-one score, and a swing pass that eventually led to the game-winner. None of those plays are sexy, particularly when you're 11 years old and scoring the basketball is the most important thing in the world (it is for immature professionals, too, unfortunately). But James understands the game at a level few of us will ever reach, so his words carried an added weight beyond just being Bryce's dad.

Some are gonna whine about the LeBron veneration, like these two yokels we found on Twitter, but schadenfreude continues to be the predominant characteristic of social media. 

But LeBron's words to his son should be championed. It's sound advice for any manner of pursuits. 

"So, like, if you’re missing shots or making shots, don’t worry about it kid," he tells Bryce. "You played a hell of a game. Good job. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you, man. All right, go with your team."

We're proud of you Bron, even if we're being super corny for saying so.

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