Miami Heat Channel 'Miami Vice' With 'Vice Nights' City Edition Uniforms

The newest Miami Heat City Edition uniforms will have fans calling Goran Dragic and Josh Richardson Crockett and Tubbs after the Michael Mann-produced TV show.

Last season the Miami Heat finally leaned into the style popularized by the Miami Vice TV show from the 1980's with a "Vice" take on the first iteration of Nike's City Edition uniform alternates. After such a smashing success—the Heat's Chief Marketing Officer, Michael McCullough, called them "the most successful uniform campaign in the history of the NBA"—they've doubled down on the theme with their "Vice Nights" release on Monday. 

Banal fans are definitely going to start calling Goran Dragic "Crockett" and Josh Richardson/Dwyane Wade/James Johnson/Justise Winslow "Tubbs." 

On Thursday the Heat are even holding a "Midnight Madness" party at...midnight from American Airlines where fans can cop the neon fabulousness and Cocaine Cowboys nostalgia of 1980's Miami.

Here's when the actual team will be rocking these beauties: 

Make sure to keep a Kleenex handy Heat fans, and don't forget that Pablo Escobar was a murdering psychopath, even if all that white built a gorgeous waterfront. 

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