Watch Leonard Fournette Tell Titans Fan 'I Will Beat Your Ass'

One week after a suspension for fighting, Jags running back Leonard Fournette can be seen on video threatening a Titans fan during Thursday Night Football.

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French poet Arthur Rimbaud could have been a Jaguars fan because Jacksonville's Season in Hell continued on Thursday night and not just because they lost to the Tennessee Titans in a rout, 30-9. No, running back Leonard Fournette was captured on video during the fourth quarter of the loss threatening a Titans fan. Despite the grainy quality of the audio, by way of TMZ, Fournette can be heard saying, "I will beat your ass."

After Fournette issues the threat, two Jags staffers can be seen leading him away, but he returns to the fan later while sitting on the bench. "Facts, you're too old for that," Fournette says, according to TMZ (we couldn't make it out). "You're too old for that. Chill out. I'm not worried about you. You want to come down here? I'll whoop your ass." 

The video of Fournette menacing a fan comes a week after he served out a suspension for his rumble with Buffalo's Shaq Lawson. After that fight, he posted an apology to Twitter saying his behavior "was totally out of character."

Fournette was held to 36 years on 14 rushes in the loss, and he could again face punishment when, or if, the NFL reviews the video. The presumed Titans fan, going after him inside Nashville's Nissan Stadium, could also see punishment—against the Titans—for whatever words appeared to rankle the Jags running back. 

Regardless, the Jaguars this season have "pounced on every joy like a ferocious animal eager to strangle it."

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