Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Fighting to Reduce His $115K-a-Month Spousal/Child Support

A-Rod and his ex are reportedly locking horns over the amount of money he pays in child and spousal support.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez

Image via Getty/Andrew Toth/TAO Group

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez

You might want to avert your eyes because this could make anyone feel poor. Ever since Alex Rodriguez divorced ex Cynthia Scurtis in 2008, he's been paying a combined $115,000 in spousal and child support each month. That's what the two are fighting about in court, TMZ reports via sources close to the former Yankee. The child support is for their two daughters, aged 11 and 13.

Rodriguez reportedly claims his ex doesn't need that much money, especially with a master's degree in psychology. She also has a new fiancé and another child with him. After a decade of spousal support, Cynthia allegedly now has millions along with three homes and multiple cars. 

The agreement between the exes was supposed to adjust when A-Rod retired from MLB. He says his income has dropped almost 90 percent from the $30 million a year he was bringing home while wearing pinstripes, to the measly $3 million he makes now in broadcasting. 

Rodriguez estimates that child support comes in between $7K-$12K a month, but he's willing to pay $20K, while Cynthia is asking for $50K. For the sake of their daughters, hopefully they can reach an amicable agreement. For the sake of the rest of us, we hope they don't fritter away those millions trying to punish each other in court. Rodriguez's current beau doesn't need any monetary support, so maybe she can help him out if he's fallen on hard times with only $3 million a year coming in. While A-Rod's comeback is commendable, this isn't a good look for anyone involved.

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