Steve Kerr on Warriors' Response to Election: 'The Whole Process Has Left Us Feeling Disgusted and Disappointed'

Steve Kerr told the press that his team was "disgusted and disappointed" at the results of the election.

Steve Kerr -- "this is my rant" -- for 2+ minutes on the presidential election: "Maybe we should've seen this coming"

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 10, 2016

Steve Van Gundy was not the only NBA coach to express dismay at the results of the presidential election. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr shared his thoughts before his team's game against the Mavericks on Wednesday. He said that it "took a lot of guts" for SVG to go off on Trump the way he did. Then, Kerr delivered a nearly two-minute monologue about how he and his team reacted to Donald Trump's victory.

"There should be some level of decorum and respect and dignity that goes with the election of the presidency," he said. " went out the window... Now, all of a sudden, you're faced with the reality that the man who is going to lead you has routinely used racist, misogynist, insulting words. That's a tough one."

Kerr then discussed how his team was taking the news.

"[Y]ou walk in and see the faces of your players, most of whom have been directly insulted as minorities, it's sort of shocking... We talked about it as a team this morning... It's just the whole process which has left us feeling kind of disgusted and disappointed. I thought we were better than this... I'm disappointed in the lack of respect and dignity that's involved."

The coach had lots of support on social media.

I think @SteveKerr has pretty much summed up how many of us are feeling right now...

— Jay Keuter (@jaykeuter) November 10, 2016

So the democrats bench is pretty shallow right now and this is honestly great. Anyone know if Steve Kerr would run for office?

— Andrew Lemos (@andrewlemos_) November 10, 2016

As a Cavs fan, I am not usually on the side of Steve Kerr, but he is right on here.

— KateWonder! (@KateWonder26) November 10, 2016

Even people not normally inclined to have anything to do with the Warriors agreed: 

You can see Kerr's entire "rant," as he called it, above or read it below.


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