Complex Presents: The Mike Tyson Soundboard

Check out Iron Mike's words of wisdom.

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If you were to name the most polarizing figures in sports history Mike Tyson would be at or near the top of that very short list. Kid Dynamite took the world by storm when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history back in 1986. Since then, Tyson has gone bankrupt, been through a few divorces, seen a few too many dirty prostitutes and battled drug addiction. Although he reached his athletic prime nearly a quarter-century ago, Iron Mike hasn’t faded into “Bolivian," as he predicted he would back in 2002, instead, he’s had a rebirth as a pop culture icon. 

Since his role in The Hangover in 2009, The Baddest Man on the Planet has appeared on everything from Entourage to the Argentina’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Tyson turns 46 years old tomorrow and he’s preparing for his biggest role to date—his own show on Broadway, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.  

As he gets ready to take Broadway by storm, we’ve put together a birthday salute to the champ in the form of the Mike Tyson Soundboard. Thank you Based God! Praise be to Allah!


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