Stephen Jackson Trolled Flat-Earth Truther Kyrie Irving With a Spinning Globe

NBA swingman-turned-commentator Stephen Jackson is the latest to try and debunk Kyrie's flat Earth comments.

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Kyrie Irving is a five-time NBA All-Star who's been making headlines last year for being an unofficial member of the Flat Earth Society.

NBA swingman-turned-commentator Stephen Jackson turned Irving’s position on the Earth possibly being flat into a prime trolling opportunity. Jackson, armed with a spinning globe, parlayed his ESPN media access into a chance to attend Irving’s NBA All-Star Weekend press conference.

“Knock it off, Jack. You a fool,” Irving joked, after Jackson repeatedly held the globe up to catch Irving’s attention. The exchange between Jackson and Irving appears in the ESPN video above at the 35-second mark.

“Kyrie, we all know you think it’s flat, right?” Jackson asked.

“You want your globe signed?” a smiling Irving asked.

“I need my globe signed,” Jackson shot back. “And it’s round. It’s not flat.”

Jackson and Irving came to an agreement that Irving would autograph the globe off camera.

Irving initially made his flat Earth comments in February 2017 while on then-teammates’ Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye’s Road Trippin’ podcast.

“This is not even a conspiracy theory,” Irving explained. “The Earth is flat.”

After being dragged by everyone from Bill Nye to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Irving has alternated between walking back his original statements and doubling down on them.

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