Former Raptor Vince Carter isn’t letting host Chris Broussard drag Toronto. Broussard came under fire for his recent comments about Kevin Durant potentially getting traded to the Raptors, resulting in Carter defending the city and the team on his show.

“I don’t think KD will want to go to Toronto,” Broussard said. “Great city, but it’s not America and you feel it when you’re there, I’m telling you, especially as an African American. It’s a different situation than African Americans are used to being in. And I’ve talked to people in that organization pre [Masai] Ujiri about, can they keep African American superstars there? Tracy McGrady left. Vince Carter left. Chris Bosh left.”

“I don’t think KD will be happy there and that will be a problem,” Broussard added.

Carter disagreed with the Fox Sports 1 host and made his stance known on his show: “I’ve had my ups and downs with Toronto for whatever reasons, being traded and all that, but one thing Toronto is not is an awkward city for an African American,” he said.

“It’s just so far-fetched and it kinda bothered me because I spent six years there and seeing it grow to what it is now,” he added. “When you go there now, you don’t feel like, ‘I’m in some foreign country and I don’t know how to function.’ Everywhere you go feels just like being in the States.”

“Where do you get that information from? What players have you quoted?” Carter asked, in response to Broussard.

Fans on Twitter showed their support for Carter: