PROMO: See Your Favorite Complex News Anchors in EA Sports NBA Live 19, Dropping September 7

NBA Live 19 drops September 7 and will feature Complex News anchors Speedy Morman, Natasha Martinez, and Pierce Simpson.

The countdown to NBA Live 19’s release is underway, and EA Sports is rolling out some impressive new features and innovations in the latest installment of the iconic franchise.

Live 19 will be the first video game to utilize Real Player Motion technology, making gameplay smoother and crisper than ever before, and giving players unprecedented control. Live will also feature a new Dynamic A.I. system designed to make the NBA avatars behave like they do in real life. For example, when a scorer like Kyrie Irving gets hot, he will demand the ball and be more aggressive on the offensive end, while a player like DeMarcus Cousins might lash out and commit a hard foul if he becomes frustrated.

NBA Live 19 will also contain multiple additions to its premier Career Mode, “The One.” In-depth storylines unfold over the course of your player’s rise to NBA stardom, and you’ll notice some very familiar faces (and voices) along the way. Complex’s own Speedy Morman, Natasha Martinez, and Pierce Simpson appear in the game, lending their expert insight, advice, and questions.

Officially dropping September 7 (tomorrow), NBA Live 19 is available for preorder now, and you can download the demo for free.

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