Stephen A. Smith Says Michael Jordan Told Him That Magic Johnson Is Greater PG Than Steph Curry

His Airness also used Magic's five rings compared to Steph's four to drive his point home.

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Michael Jordan has revealed that Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard of all time over Steph Curry, according to a text message he sent Stephen A. Smith

On the Wednesday morning broadcast of First Take, Smith told viewers at home that His Airness reached out to him earlier in the day through text to give his take on the conversation revolving around Steph Curry and Magic Johnson being the two best point guards of all time. According to MJ, Steph Curry is close to Magic, but he's not greater than the Los Angeles Lakers legend. 

"Good morning, sir," Smith read from his phone. "Although greatest of anything is always a debate, I beg to differ on greatest point guard of all time, with what you said. Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of Magic. You must define 'point guard' to really have a serious debate. 

He continued, "Steph Curry is by far the best shooter of all time — yes, his movement has created many shots for his teammates, he's a career 43 percent three-point shooter. But Magic Johnson invented the triple-double."

Michael Jordan clarified his triple-double comment, saying that no one made it more noticeable that Magic and that Steph is still one NBA Finals ring short of the 12-time NBA All-Star's total of five.    

"Not true invented, but makes it more noticeable in terms of the impact on the game. Magic was the best," MJ said. "We can go on, but I don't want to take up too much of your time. I know you get the point. By the way — Magic has five NBA championships."

“Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all-time.”

Michael Jordan really sent Stephen A. Smith a text to let him know Magic is the GOAT point guard 😂

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Steph Curry got the conversation mill running when he accepted the title of the greatest point guard of all time during his visit to Gilbert Arenas' Gil's Arena podcast. According to Steph, the conversation is only between himself and Magic. 

"Yes," Curry responded when asked if he's the point guard GOAT. "It's me and Magic [Johnson], that's the conversation."

Arenas explained that Curry's claim wasn't ludicrous given his influence on the game of basketball, where every kid is trying to emulate the two-time NBA MVP.

"I really feel like, to your point, Magic's résumé is ridiculous," Steph added. "Alright, so the fact that we're even having that conversation...that's a place I never thought I would be in."

Magic has one more MVP title, one more NBA championship, and three more All-Star selections over Steph. However, the Golden State Warriors leader is 35-years-old and still playing incredible basketball, which could have him surpass Magic in those categories once he's done with the game. 

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