Steph Curry Believes He’s the GOAT Point Guard: ‘It’s Me and Magic, That’s the Conversation’

The four-time NBA champion has put together an already impressive resume that includes two MVPs and nine All-Star selections.

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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry didn’t mince words when Gilbert Arenas asked him if he’s the best point guard in NBA history.

"Yes," Curry responded with a smile at the 27:35 mark of his Gil's Arena episode (above), after a brief pause. "It's me and Magic [Johnson], that's the conversation."

Arenas explained that, outside of statistical comparisons, Curry's influence on the game of basketball is evident when you see every kid trying to emulate the two-time NBA MVP.

"I really feel like, to your point, Magic's résumé is ridiculous," Steph added. "Alright, so the fact that we're even having that conversation...that's a place I never thought I would be in."

Even though Magic still has one more MVP title, one more NBA championship, and three more All-Star selections over Curry, Steph can probably play a few more seasons in the league and build out his résumé even further. His case as the greatest point guard of all-time could become undeniable.

Curry already holds the NBA record for most three-pointers made with 3,390, while a retired Ray Allen sits in a distant second with 2,973. Curry is arguably responsible for revolutionizing the way players view the three-point shot.

Larry Bird, a three-time NBA three-point contest champion, took a career-high 237 attempts from downtown in the 1987-88 season and shot 41.4 percent. Curry made 273 threes on 42.7 percent shooting last season, despite playing in just 56 of 82 games.

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