Rubi Rose Gives Paul Pierce Her Number After Former NBA Star Says He Has a 'Crush' on Rapper

When Pierce was called out for shooting his shot he responded by saying the person who criticized him is "ugly."

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Paul Pierce has let the world know he has his eyes on Rubi Rose while also addressing a troll who criticized him for shooting his shot at the rapper. 

On Saturday, Rose shared a picture of herself showing off her backside and posing in a pair of boy shorts with a caption that read, "Wake up to a bad bitch." The post drew a response from the 2008 NBA Finals MVP, who couldn't help himself and admitted that he has a "crush" on Rose. 

Pierce's comments seemed to bother a Twitter user who felt he was too old for the rapper, given he's 20 years older than her. According to the troll, Pierce needed to have a seat. 

"Bro old than his jersey number talking about 'my crush,'" the person wrote.

Pierce saw the diss and wasted no time hurling an insult of his own, saying, "Damn my guy u ugly as hell." 

Fortunately for Pierce, Rose seemed to like him shooting his shot, retweeting his admission while sharing her number, writing, "Text me then 4046899173 🌹."

Text me then 4046899173 🌹

— Rubi Rose (@RubiRose) November 5, 2023
Twitter: @RubiRose

Pierce isn't one to hide his love life from the public. In June, the NBA champ showed up to Kevin Garnett's Showtime series KG Certified to introduce his former teammate to a woman he said he hired to be his girlfriend for the day.

"This is my girlfriend for the day, they got a website where you can hire girlfriends for the day, so I got a girlfriend for the day," Pierce told Garnett.

"Stop, man," replied Garnett with a laugh.

Never change, Paul.

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