O.J. Simpson Responds to Hospice Rumors After Reports of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The former NFL player said he’s hosting friends for the Super Bowl this weekend to prove he’s doing just fine.

(Photo by Jason Bean-Pool / Getty Images)

O.J. Simpson has revealed he’s doing fine after reports got out that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is currently in hospice care. 

The former NFL player took to his X page, formerly Twitter, to clear up any confusion that he was out of commission. According to O.J., he’s doing so fine that he has friends coming over to watch the big game on Sunday. 

“Hey X world, Hospice? Hospice? You talking about hospice,” OJ said while sitting behind the wheel of his car. "No, I’m not in any hospice. I don’t know who put that out there, but whoever put that out there, I guess it’s like the Donald said, ‘Can’t trust the media!'” 

He then revealed that he was hosting some friends for Super Bowl LVIII and added “All is well.” Local 10 News first reported that the 76-year-old was diagnosed and undergoing chemotherapy in Las Vegas, according to a source. 

Twitter: @TheRealOJ32

This isn’t the first mention of O.J. having cancer as in May 2023 he shared a video in which he said he that he "caught cancer," without explaining what type while also suggesting he beat it and couldn’t have felt any better.

Last year, O.J. revealed he heard the sounds of the Wu-Tang Clan when he woke up after having heart surgery. O.J. said he had been falling asleep at the wheel and when he went to visit his doctor he was told he needed to have surgery. He was put to sleep, then woke up hearing Wu’s music and thought he was in “hell.”

"And I wake up in the middle of this and they’re, like, blasting the Wu-Tang crew,” O.J. said. “And I’m thinking, 'What is that I’m hearing?' and it was the Wu-Tang crew. You know, I guess some people when they do surgeries they play Bach or they play Chopin or something. But I’m hearing the Wu-Tang crew [and I'm like] 'Oh, I know they ain’t playing this up here. Am I down here?'"

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