Marshawn Lynch Reveals He ‘Didn’t F*ck With’ Pete Carroll During Seahawks Tenure, Russell Wilson ‘Was Just a Quarterback for Me’

The trio won a Super Bowl together in 2014 against the Denver Broncos.

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Marshawn Lynch had some choice words for former Seattle Seahawks teammate Russell Wilson.

During his visit to Club Shay Shay, the five-time Pro Bowler reflected on his time with the team he won a Super Bowl championship with in 2014. The quarterback was Russell Wilson, who now plays for the Denver Broncos, and Lynch revealed there wasn't much of a relationship there, nor with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. 

"I wouldn't be the right person to speak on their relationship because I didn't fuck with them. ... I didn't fuck with Pete, and then, I mean, Russ was just a quarterback for me," Lynch said.

Lynch added that anything he says about Russ will read as criticism due to the goal-line interception in Super Bowl XLIX that cost the Seahawks another chip—but he still gave Wilson his props. He also made it clear that the two do not hang out. 

"I respect Russell as a player and as a teammate," Lynch said. "Anything that I say is gonna come off as malice or as if I'm a hater. ... I'll take Russell, and I'll put him right there at quarterback, and I'll rock with him, because I have done that. But as far as anything, there's no—you can't pick up the phone and call ol' boy or nothing."

“I didn’t f*ck with Pete [Carroll]. Russ [Wilson] was just a quarterback for me.”- Marshawn Lynch on his time with the Seahawks 😳

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The Super Bowl champion recalled a time when Wilson called him from a blocked number and the conversation didn't go too smoothly. According to Lynch, he told Wilson he was calling him for a genuine reason, and his response wasn't what he expected. 

"We not going to get into all that," Lynch said about Russ' response to his call. "Considering that we on the same team going for the same goal, this was how you chose to respond to me. It was more so like maybe you don't understand what I'm saying,"

Lynch played with Wilson from 2012 to 2015 before Beast Mode initially retired in 2016. He eventually returned and played with the Las Vegas Raiders for two seasons before coming to Seattle for one more season. 

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