Coaches Claim Cam Newton Started Fight at Youth Football Tournament After Talking Trash, Say It's 'Typical Cam Newton Behavior'

TopShelf Performance coaches TJ and Steph Brown allege Newton instigated their viral brawl.

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Cam Newton allegedly started the brawl that took place at a youth football tournament over the weekend, according to coaches who were involved in the fight.

In a conversation with 105.3 The Real, TopShelf Performance coaches TJ and Steph Brown, who fought with Newton, shared their version of what went down during the tournament. In video of the fight that circulated social media, two men are seen trying to scrap with Newton, who he fought off with some ease given his 6-foot-4, 240-plus athletic frame.

However, TJ alleges that Newton intiated the fight by talking trash and allegedly putting his hands on Steph first. 

"I want to apologize to everybody that was out there, the parents of not just our team but everybody," TJ began. "That should've never happened. Like we should've been able to sit down and talk. There's no reason we should be yelling at each other while a game going on. Like it's that shit, ain't none of that shit necessary."

He continued, "So Cam has an organization; it's not just one team. He has an organization, so it's just been a lot of trash talk from more so his side...just out of nowhere just talking crazy to us for no reason. It's nothing new; I've been around bro for five years, so like this typical Cam Newton behavior."

TopShelf Performance coaches reveal what led to fight with Cam Newton:
“Nobody seeing how [Cam Newton] was talking crazy to us the past two days.”

— Kollege Kidd (@KollegeKidd) February 27, 2024
Twitter: @KollegeKidd

According to their story, Steph was having a conversation with Cam that ended up getting heated. At some point, Cam allegedly put his hands on the coach, which led to his brother TJ stepping in. The footage captured and shared on social media allegedly shows what happened after TJ got involved in the fight.

"Nobody seen like how he was talking crazy to us past two days," TJ said. TSP also issued a statement where they re-establish their committment to fostering a safe space for everyone to enjoy football.

Newton has yet to address what happened over the weekend. Fortuntately, Cam'ron revealed that the former No. 1 draft pick would be a guest on his show It Is What It Is this week, and Cam is hoping he can get him to talk about what happened

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