Dwyane Wade Wants to Make a ‘Love Movie’ With Gabrielle Union

Wade claimed he was trying to break into the movie business and joked that his wife wouldn't help him out.

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade said in a West Hollywood encounter with TMZ that he's trying to break into the movie business and is absolutely ready to star in a romantic film, potentially alongside wife Gabrielle Union. Of course, Wade could’ve just been toying with paparazzi and telling them what they wanted to hear.

When asked if he had any plans of joining the business, Wade replied with a cryptic statement that seemed half-serious, half-cheeky: “I’m trying to get [a movie], but she won’t put me on.”

While Wade’s comment that his wife was keeping him from the silver screen makes it seem like he’s just trolling, he did seem pretty genuine in his follow-up answer. “I’m trying to do a love movie," he said, "like something romantic.”

Naturally, the first potential comparison was the basketball-themed drama Love & Basketball, to which Wade had a pretty firm response.

“No, not Love & Basketball,” he said.

Regarding basketball movies, we’ve already got the Kyrie Irving and Shaquille O’Neal-starring Uncle Drew on the way. The project began as a series of Pepsi advertisements and is now a big-budget Hollywood project. Who’s to say executives won’t be eager to cast real-life couple Wade and Union in a romantic comedy after hearing this latest news?

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