Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Reportedly Threatened After Buying "Crypto King's" Mansion

The Oklahoma City Thunder guard and his girlfriend also discovered several threats toward the home they bought.

Joshua Gateley / Getty Images

Shortly after moving into a lakefront mansion in Burlington, Ontario, in the spring, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was reportedly visited by someone asking where Aiden Pleterski, the self-titled "Crypto King" was.

According to CBC News, Pleterski had been paying approximately $45,000 a month to lease the home. That all changed when he had his valuables seized in 2022 and investors were searching for over $40 million they'd had given him.

Previously, Pleterski had $2 million in assets seized as investors tried to recoup millions they lost from him as he funded his luxurious lifestyle.

When Gilgeous-Alexander purchased the home for $8.4 million, he allegedly didn't know who Pleterski was.

When the Oklahoma City Thunder star's girlfriend called the police to report the threatening visit, she learned that there had been numerous threats aimed at the home, including one to burn it down.

Gilgeous-Alexander and his partner moved out after their discovery and subsequently filed a lawsuit in an attempt to void the sale, claiming the sellers "fraudulently misrepresented the luxury home by failing to disclose an alleged series of threatening visits to the property—happening daily, at times—by those looking for Pleterski before Gilgeous-Alexander bought it."

The sellers' lawyer claims there was no misrepresentation to the purchaser.

Earlier this year, Pleterski was allegedly kidnapped and tortured according to his father.

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