Canadian “Crypto King” Aiden Pleterski was allegedly kidnapped and tortured for three days, according to new court documents.

The revelation was given by his father, according to CTV News Toronto. The 23-year-old was allegedly taken in December from downtown Toronto and driven to southern Ontario. His kidnappers wanted money from Pleterski, who’s currently involved in a case where investors are trying to find the around $40 million he promised to invest in cryptocurrency, but instead allegedly spent on luxury cars and jets.

“He was taken. They basically held him for approximately three days, drove him around different, various parts of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, allowed him to make specific phone calls to specific people only. I was not one of those people that he was allowed to contact,” Pleterski’s father said to the court in December.

The “Crypto King” was able to call his landlord, who he asked for “$3 million as a ransom payment.” Pleterski was released by his kidnappers with the understanding that he could come up with the money. The court documents don’t say what happened next.

In September, $2 million in cars, watches, and other assets were seized from Pleterski. In October, it was revealed he refused to relinquish his diamond-studded Rolex, his Audi, and cell phone to a bankruptcy trustee.

The latest documents from his bankruptcy proceeding reveal Pleterski received more than $40 million from investors, but he allegedly spent almost $16 million of it on luxury items for himself. The bankruptcy trustee believes there’s still investors out there who have yet to come forward about their losses.