The J.R. Smith Ratchet Meter: He's Back to His Partying Ways, Now With Iman Shumpert and Rihanna

Avoid the club at all costs.

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Last time, we cut J.R. Smith some slack for partying before Game 5 of the Celtics/Knicks series because eventually New York got the job done. But now J.R. was seen hitting up Rihanna's after-party at Greenhouse in New York City after the Knicks' Game 2 victory over Indiana. Only problem is Swish has been struggling in the first two games against the Pacers, going 7/30 from the field with 12.5 points per game, which is nearly six points below his Sixth Man of the Year season average. And to make matters worse, he's bringing along teammate Iman Shumpert for the ride. If this hurts Shump's game too, we're going to feel like Mike Woodson

We have nothing against Smith hanging out with Rihanna, though. You already know, we got plenty of love for Ri Ri. 


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