After getting ejected for purposely striking Jason Terry with his elbow, J.R. Smith was suspended for Game 4. After the Knicks took the loss and sent the series back to the Garden, Smith decided to prep the night before Wednesday's Game 5 by hitting the court bright and early? Nah. Instead, Earl decided to hit up the club. DJ Mister Dior tweeted out a picture of Swish taking a swig of some alcohol with following message:

JR Smith said pour it up pour it up, watch it all fall out, I give no fucks about game 5, that's how we ball out…

— DJ Mister Dior ™ (@DJMisterDior) May 2, 2013

People hating on J.R. for getting his drink on with a comfortable 3-1 lead while LeBron James keeps his cell phone off? Everyone prepares differently. Just trying to have fun and stay loose. Not that big of a deal, folks. And anyway, they got the job done eventually. Eventually.    


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[via SportsGrid]