Robert Horry Jokes About Pressing Travis Scott Over Explicit ‘Three-Peat’ Reference His Wife ‘Hates’

Big Shot Rob earned seven NBA championship rings, including three consecutive titles with the Lakers.

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Robert Horry almost pressed Travis Scott about a lyrical reference.

The seven-time NBA champion revealed on All the Smoke with Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson that his wife Candice Madrid "hates" the Rodeo single "Antidote" because Scott shouts Horry's full name after delivering the line, "I just hit a three-peat/Fucked three hoes I met this week."

Horry shared at the 1:23:40 mark above, "My wife, every time she hears it, she says, 'Is there something you need to tell me?' ... And I met [Travis], I almost wanted to say, 'Man, why'd you put me in that song? And what'd you mean by three-peat, three hoes the other week, man?'"

Horry was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers when the team, led by Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, won the title in three consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2002. That feat is typically referred to, in sports, as a three-peat.

Nicknamed "Big Shot Rob" for his clutch shots in pivotal games, Horry is also beloved by Houston Rockets fans after helping the team win back-to-back titles in the mid-1990s. Horry claims Scott, a Houston native, is a "huge" Rockets fans to this day, even though a 2021 Houston Chronicle article questioned La Flame's loyalty to the team following the departure of his friend James Harden.

Horry said it's "fun" hearing rappers use his name in their lyrics, but his children are more proud of the name drops than he is.

Horry is especially pleased with his seven championship rings, admitting on the Dan Patrick Show last month that he would not trade in his titles for a place in the Hall of Fame.

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