Riley Cooper Is the Face of Black History Month in Eagles Calendar

It was a very poor decision to put Riley Cooper as the player to represent Black History Month on this Eagles calendar.

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Out of all the players on the current Philadelphia Eagles roster, the one used to represent February, or better yet, Black History Month, is Riley Cooper? Reading that last sentence had us like... 


And rightfully so. Back in July 2013, a video surfaced showing Cooper at a Kenny Chesney concert using the N-word and threatening to "fight every n***** here." The tirade nearly got the 27-year-old receiver cut from the team. 

Apparently, though, time heals all wounds because on February 27, the Eagles and Cooper worked out a lucrative five-year extension and now, he is the face of Black History Month for their 2015 calendar. 


Maybe this was an honest mistake, but c'mon, it didn't cross the mind of anyone making this calendar that putting Riley in February was a terrible idea? 

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