Paul Pierce Swears He Can Shoot 60 Percent From 3-Point Line If He Gets a 10-Day Contract

The 46-year-old says he has been training daily for the chance at an NBA comeback.

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Is Paul Pierce making an NBA comeback?

Pierce, 46, revealed on a recent episode of Ticket & The Truth that he has been working out every day and playing pick-up basketball with the goal of receiving a 10-day contract from an NBA team in February. The NBA Hall of Famer offered up an appealing pitch, saying, "Give me 10 threes in a game, I'll hit 6."

Pierce, who has already lost 10 pounds while training, believes he's halfway there on the comeback trail and continues to work on a variety of aspects of his game, including lateral quickness, flexibility, and strength.

Pierce's revelation comes after Kevin Garnett asked him how many three-pointers he would make if he were given 10 attempts in today's NBA. "I'd make about six of those," Pierce, a career 36.8 percent three-point shooter, confidently responded at about the 47-minute mark above.

Guest and former NBA player Tony Allen expressed doubt in Pierce's response, adding that he believes the 10-time All-Star would more likely knock down four of the 10 shots.

"It's a three-point league, I'ma get a rhythm," Pierce said, laughing. "Shit, I'll miss the first three, the next three gonna go in and then I got my rhythm."

Allen admitted that despite being seven years removed from the NBA, Pierce has certainly not lost his confidence.

Kevin Garnett: "Ten 3's, how many are you hitting, P?"

Paul Pierce: "Ten 3's in the league right now?"

KG: "Corner 3's... Two of them wide open, a couple with a hand in your face."

Pierce: "I'd make like 6 of those."😅

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