Papa John's Is Airing a Commercial to Congratulate the Super Bowl XLIX Champion Seattle Seahawks Because Who Doesn't Love Some Salt in the Wound

Congratulations, Seattle Seahawks, for winning Super Bowl XLIX! Or, at least, that's how Papa John's thinks it all went down last night.


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After that tough loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle Seahawks fans probably did all they could to avoid highlights of last night's game, not look at the newspapers, listen to the radio, everything. And just when they thought they were somewhat in the clear, this Papa John's commercial had to pop up.  

The ad shows a handful of Seahawks highlights, mentions them getting back-to-back titles and then congratulates them on winning Super Bowl XLIX. SMH. C'mon, Papa John's. Everyone knows you don't go full Left Shark! 

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