Oscar De La Hoya Sends Floyd Mayweather Cease and Desist Over Tampering

Oscar De La Hoya explains to TMZ Sports why he sent a cease and desist letter to Floyd Mayweather over accusations of tampering.

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Oscar De La Hoya is saying that if Floyd Mayweather aspires to be a real boxing promoter, then he should do "what real promoters do," and go through the proper channels in order to organize a fight. 

De La Hoya sent Mayweather a cease and desist letter after he was seen on a TMZ Sports video earlier this month attempting to arrange a bout between Golden Boy Promotions boxer Ryan Garcia and his former sparring partner and Mayweather Promotions fighter Rolando Romero. 

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In the clip, Mayweather offers Garcia $200,000 to get in the ring with Romero and promised that a victory will lead him to his preferred opponent and Mayweather-promoted fighter, super featherweight champion Gervonta Davis. 

Garcia was later seen at Mayweather's 42nd birthday party where the two were spotted speaking with one another. Who knows what exactly they were discussing, but these series of events compelled De La Hoya to send Floyd the letter over accusations of tampering. "There are proper ways of making fights happen. Look, you don't go out there publicly," he told TMZ Sports. "The proper way is you send in a contract, you take a look at it and then we talk about it ... that's what real promoters do." 

De La Hoya says that he has yet to hear from Mayweather's camp before or after the letter was sent. Oscar admits that he wants to work on making a fight between Garcia and Davis happen. He just wants to do it the right way. 

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