NFL Fans Are Burning Their Season Tickets Over National Anthem Protest

Some NFL fans are so fed up with the national anthem protests going on around the league that they're burning their season tickets.

Arizona Cardinals fans hold an american flag.
Image via USA Today Sports/Mark J. Rebilas
Arizona Cardinals fans hold an american flag.

Some NFL fans need to think before they act.

This past weekend, the league saw an increased number of players protesting racial injustice and police violence during the national anthem following Donald Trump's comments suggesting that owners should pull anyone from a game for exercising their right to free speech. In response to the protests, a select number of NFL fans have recorded themselves burning their season tickets and then posted it to social media so the whole world can see their idiotic decision. 

People were already getting criticized for burning player jerseys—one player's in particular—and therefore throwing away an investment upwards of $100. But now there are people who are setting fire to something that costs a whole lot more than some piece of sports paraphernalia. 

What these angry fans should have done with their tickets was sell them. It's the best of both worlds: You're not going to the game, and recouping some of the costs in the process. As for explaining why you're secretly watching the team you supposedly boycotted on your phone or on the television in the basement, that's between you and the person who found out your little uproar was all a lie.

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