New York and Los Angeles' Public Transportation Twitter Accounts Exchange Shots Over Mets, Dodgers

MTA lost here, too, but what's new?

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Anthony Gruppuso

On Tuesday, the Dodgers won their third consecutive division title, securing a spot in the playoffs and a match-up against the Mets early next month. After extending a congratulations to the Dodgers, the city's public transportation Metro Los Angeles took aim at the MTA

The MTA responded with a trash tweet, reminiscent of their consistently trash service. 

Metro Los Angeles should've just let the MTA catch their L in peace, but they fired back, incorporating the G.O.A.T. hustler Pizza Rat in their response.

The MTA inexplicably continued to engage, bringing up a terrible suggestion. 

Who cares that Dodger Stadium has the highest seating capacity (56,000) in the MLB and could end up hosting a majority of the games in the NLDS, the MTA is used to looking foolish, so this is par for the course. Still, Metro Los Angeles let the MTA "win" that little dispute and then...

Ouch. We would show you MTA's response, but it's really a waste of time. Much like using the MTA. 

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