Metta World Peace Says He Was Once Offered $35K to Throw a Game in College

Metta World Peace sees problems potentially arising as a result of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of bringing an end to a federal ban on sports gambling.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Metta World Peace says he was offered money to fix games in college on a few occasions. World Peace highlighted one particular moment when someone approached him in his neighborhood to get the former NBA player to throw a game in exchange for $35,000. Even though he admits to being tempted by the offer, MWP reveals that he ultimately declined the opportunity.

As gamblers rejoice the Supreme Court ruling which made sports gambling legal in most states, World Peace sees a potential threat flying under the radar. He believes that there are some people who will bully kids into taking bets that would only work in the bettor’s favor in the long run.

“That's the problem. When you don't have no money, they find these kids that ain't got no money, and they attack them," MWP said. "What if I was some kid that was a little scared? 'OK, I'll do it,' right? That's the problem I have with betting, because these guys that are betting...some of them are bullies, and they'll force a kid into a situation, and then, when the kid's trying to go the NBA, they hold it against the kid. They gotta have really harsh rules on people using kids."

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