Former Kings Coach George Karl Takes Shot at DeMarcus Cousins on Twitter

Former Sacramento Kings coach George Karl took to Twitter to diss his former player DeMarcus Cousins who he's had a volatile relationship with.

george karl

Image via Getty/Rocky Widne

george karl

Former Sacramento Kings coach George Karl looks to be continuing his ongoing feud with former player DeMarcus Cousins after he dropped a not-so-subtle diss on Twitter.

"Your first name is the player you disliked the most 10 years ago. Your last name is the player you dislike the most now," the original tweet read, to which Karl quote-retweeted, "DeMarcus Cousins."

What's even more bizarre than a 69-year-old former coach using a snake emoji to sneak diss his former player on Twitter is how long the feud between Cousins and Karl has been going on. To give an abridged version of the beef between the two, back in 2015, Cousins went on record to share his distaste for Coach Karl. 

"Fu** you coach, you think you’re a HOF coach," Cousins said at the time. "All you care about is wins, you don’t give a sh*t about us." Karl has also gone on record to say that he and Cousins were never really on the same page during his time in Sacramento. Clearly, the issues that they had with each other have not been resolved.

It's also worth noting that coach Karl has had volatile relationships with other past players besides Cousins, once almost getting into a physical altercation with Kenyon Martin. 

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