A Woman Set Her Boyfriend's Car On Fire Because He Wouldn't Buy Her a McFlurry

Florida's back. Back again.

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This is like an extreme version of the Snickers commercials. But instead of turning into a diva because of an empty stomach, this woman became a car owner's worst pyromaniacal nightmare. Witnesses in Jacksonville say they saw the unidentified woman arguing with her boyfriend over a McFlurry. When he refused to buy her the delicious frozen treat, she poured alcohol and gasoline on his car and set it on fire

After unleashing hell on her boyfriend's whip she took off and hasn't been seen since. The boyfriend also dipped out, somehow with his car, once the fire was put out. This leaves us with so many questions. Can they patch things up after such an insane fight? Will he even see her again, or has she gone completely rogue. Most importantly, what kind of topping would she have put on her McFlurry?

We won't sleep until we find out.  

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