ESPN Ranks Kobe Bryant 40th Best Player in the NBA

ESPN doesn't think very highly of the Los Angeles Lakers star.

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Kobe Bryant is entering his 19th season in the NBA, preparing to take the court with a Los Angeles Lakers squad that may be the most makeshift assemblage of talent he's ever been stuck with. 

However, not everyone is willing to count the Lakers out. After all, Bryant is a future Hall of Famer, and a player so maniacally competitive that he makes it impossible for us to ever fully doubt him. Who's to say the Black Mamba won't find a way to squeeze a few wins out of Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer? 

Based on their latest NBA Player Rankings, ESPN is likely counting themselves among Kobe's skeptics. Today, the Worldwide Leader revealed that Bryant checked in at no. 40 on their list of the Association's top players. Last year, he was ranked no. 25. It's a steep drop, and surely doesn't inspire any confidence in Lakers fans who are hoping to see their team sneak into the playoffs during the 2014-15 NBA season.

Bryant is ranked above players such as Bradley Beal, Lance Stephenson, and Eric Bledsoe. However, in ESPN's eyes, the gap between Kobe and these up-and-comers has decreased significantly.

Likely, this snub will only serve as greater motivation for Bryant in the upcoming season. And if there's anything we've learned over the course of Kobe's career, it's that you won't like him when he's angry.


[via ESPN]

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