These Videos of Hecklers Yelling at Dwight Howard Might Explain Why He Flipped Out on a Lakers Fan

Dwight Howard has been forced to deal with a bunch of obnoxious hecklers over the last week.

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Want to know why Dwight Howard got so upset when a Lakers fan called him a "bitch" after Atlanta's game against Los Angeles on Sunday night? Well, outside of the obvious, it seems Howard has been forced to deal with a bunch of obnoxious hecklers in recent days.

In addition to confronting the loudmouthed Laker fans and challenging him to a fight, Howard also encountered a horrible heckler after a Hawks/Pacers game last week. That heckler took a shot at Howard's mom as he walked back to the locker room. "Good game, Dwight," the guy yelled. "Have a nice evening. Your mother's a whore!"

Howard didn't say anything back to the heckler. He also didn't have much to say when he was heckled before the Hawks' game against the Lakers after one fan decided to repeat "Kobe" over and over and over again as Howard graciously signed autographs for other fans. Howard eventually walked away without giving the fan the satisfaction of getting under his skin.

And those incidents led up to the one that happened after the Hawks/Lakers game that resulted in Howard challenging a fan to a fight. Does that make it right? No. But we can kind of understand where he was coming from when he finally snapped and needed to be restrained on Sunday night. When you combine all the heckling Howard has endured over the years, it's amazing he doesn't go off on fans more often.

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