Dwight Howard clearly wants to put his short stint with the Lakers in the past and leave it there. Prior to the Hawks’ first game against the Lakers earlier this season, he refused to answer any questions about his former teammate Kobe Bryant and essentially said that he’s not thinking about Kobe or the Lakers anymore. But it doesn’t sound like Lakers fans are going to let Howard forget about how he unceremoniously left the team back in 2013 to sign with the Rockets.

After the Lakers beat up on Howard’s Hawks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night—if you missed it, Snoop Dogg really enjoyed the win and let 2 Chainz know all about it—Howard had to deal with a group of hecklers as he walked off the court and headed for the locker room. One Lakers fan in particular reportedly yelled a series of obscenities at Howard, and at one point, he called Howard a "bitch." That prompted Howard to turn around and confront the fan, and it forced a Hawks staff member to have to physically restrain Howard as he exchanged words with the fan.

"Come back here and say that," Howard said, challenging the fan to a fight. "Come on back here. Come on!"

Eventually, Howard was led back to the locker room before the situation got any worse. But we don’t think Adam Silver is going to like seeing one of the NBA’s stars going after a fan, even if the fan was the one who started things with Howard. You can check out the crazy confrontation in the clip above.