Victor Oladipo Puts His Knowledge of Drake to the Test by Taking a Quiz

'Genius' tested Pacers star Victor Oladipo on his knowledge of Drake.

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Pacers standout Victor Oladipo was recently quizzed by Genius on his knowledge of Drake, and his final score was not great if, say, he were taking a biology test, or kicking field goals. But it was pretty damn spectacular for, say, a three-point shooting percentage, or a batting average from high school on up.

That would be A.) A way to spin it positive, and B.) the stretched out way of saying that the 2018 All-Star scored 5 right of 10. Early on in the quiz Oladipo established his credibility by citing his own musical background, while also proclaiming his fandom of all music, which obviously includes Drake. He also sets the bar fairly low prior to fielding the random queries.

Indiana Pacer @VicOladipo isn't just dropping dimes on the court. He also dropped a new single with @pnbrock (seriously)


In fairness, while Pusha-T level research wasn't required, the questions weren't exactly Kids Jeopardy level of easy either. You had to have some sort of familiarity with the title subject, which Oladipo had (keyword: some). Oh, you think you know more about Drake than Victor Oladipo? Yes? No? Never in your life have you even thought about it? Well, take the quiz yourself and, if you ace it, maybe it's a sign that it's time to go outside and work on your jumpshot or something.

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