Titans Trade No. 1 Overall Pick to Rams

SMH, get ready for a whole new batch of mock drafts.

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Jerry Lai

The Titans are a crappy franchise with a lot of holes to fill. The Rams are a team headed to a new (old) city looking to make a splash. If they seemed like two organizations who'd make great trade partners, they confirmed it today by executing a deal two weeks before the draft.

Well technically they made the deal last night, but they just held off on reporting it because there was slightly bigger news in the Los Angeles area:

The swap breaks down as follows: The Titans traded their reward for being truly awful, their No. 1 overall pick, to the Rams for their 15th overall pick, a pair of second-rounders, their 2016 third-rounder, and their first and third round choices for next year.

On top of that the Rams will also get Tennessee's fourth and sixth-round selections for this year.

Here it is in easier to visualize form:

What this means is that L.A. will almost certainly snag a quarterback, though which one (Jared Goff or Carson Wentz) is still up for debate.

It also means every mock draft you read was a waste of time. Though, to be fair, that was already true.

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[via Titans Online]

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