The Raptors Returned to Toronto on Drake's Private Jet

Star treatment.

Drake encourages Kawhi Leonard during the 2019 ECF.

Image via Getty/Ron Turenne

Drake encourages Kawhi Leonard during the 2019 ECF.

Following their Game 6 win that gave them their first championship in the history of their franchise, a number of Raptors have returned to Toronto on the plane of their most famous and noticeable fan. They flew home on Air Drake, the namesake's ultra-luxe $220 million private jet. The trip home was their most recent stop since their win three days ago, as some previously celebrated in stateside locales that include Oakland, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Anyway, it should go without saying, but one of those traveling on Drake's personal transport (presumably along with Drake himself) was the team's soon-to-be star free agent, Kawhi Leonard, as captured by Instagram user @itsjerms_33: 

Drake also posted images from the plane, as well as shots of him getting cozy with the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

Those who have returned to Toronto have reportedly been greeted by "dozens of fans" (which sounds kind of small, unless that's just Canadian modesty) according to ET Canada. Pictures of the return, well actually the plane, was captured by Hamilton Airport:

A team spokesperson added that not everyone is back in Canada, but all players are expected to attend the celebratory victory parade that will make its way through the streets of Toronto on Monday.

Not surprisingly, fans have already started to stake out space for that route. The city's mayor, John Tory, has also stated that Monday will be "We The North" day. That parade is expected to be viewed by as many as 2+ million people, which is to say that, if you're attending the parade or work in Toronto, tomorrow's commute will be a giant pain in the ass. There's no real way around it.

Here's the route that the team plans to use, which is only relevant if you're familiar with Toronto:

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