Lions Fan Exposes Redskins Coach for Not-So-Subtly Peeing Into a Cup on the Sideline

A Lions fan caught a Redskins coach peeing into a cup on the sideline on Sunday and posted photos of it on social media.

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The Lions average more than 58,000 fans per home game, so you have to think that at least one of them would see you if you were to try and pee into a cup on the sideline in the middle of a game. Seems like common sense, right?

Unfortunately, though, it doesn't look like that thought entered Redskins special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica's head on Sunday afternoon. During Washington's game against Detroit, he had to go. Bad. So he grabbed a Gatorade cup, walked over to a trash can near the Redskins' bench, and went. But he was caught mid-leak by Detroit fan Laura Snyder-Stephens, who was at the game with her two kids. She snapped several photos of Kotwica and posted them on social media. "I can't help myself," she wrote, "but we were in the second row on the Redskins side that I could take this pic of the Redskins coach peeing."

Another witness told TMZ Sports that Kotwica was actually the second Redskins coach to pee into a cup near the trash can. The witness didn't identify who the first coach was, but clearly, the Redskins coaches need to try and go before they take the field on Sundays.

The Redskins responded to the TMZ Sports report by saying that Kotwica won't be punished for what he did and by revealing that players and coaches actually pee on the sideline all the time. And they're right—Kotwica is far from the first guy to get caught peeing on an NFL sideline:

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But uh, maybe he should have taken one small step to the right and at least tried to be a little bit more subtle? It would have saved him from the embarrassment that came next.

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