Report: Lamar Odom Suffered Relapse

A report by Life & Style Weekly claims the former NBA Champion had a drug relapse.

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Less than a month ago one of Lamar Odom's best friends, Jamie Sangouthai, died from a flesh eating disease that he reportedly contracted "from sharing dirty needles." That's a big enough bummer on its own, but then less than a week after that another friend of Odom's passed away from drug usage in what was believed to be an overdose.

Flash forward to the present where yet another "friend" told the magazine Life & Style that Lamar had also relapsed whilst visiting Sangouthai back in April. If you believe that "a friend" telling a magazine a story is tenuous proof at best, then know also that the same magazine obtained pictures of the men's hotel room which showed blatant signs of drug use including traces of heroin, burnt tinfoil, and straws (pictured here).

In May a source reportedly close to Lamar told Life & Style that the former fourth overall pick headed for Vegas where he's "been regularly getting high." Previously, Odom had been reported to be entering rehab, and has made a similar claim towards friends over his current situation, saying that he'll be seeking treatment after they expressed worry over his eyebrow raising behavior, apparent mood swings, and slurred speech.

[via Life & Style Weekly]

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