Kyrie Irving Apologizes for Flat Earth Comments: 'I'm Sorry About All That'

Irving also apologized to the nation's science teachers.

On Monday (or sometime around then), Kyrie Irving explained the whole "the Earth is flat" theory that he's been occasionally peddling for the past few years after he was asked if it was a joke or not. In doing so the Celtics' point guard hopes to put a rest to similar questions that may arise in interviews with him in the future:

"Hopefully after this I'm done answering this question," Irving started off by telling his interviewer. "At the time, I was huge into conspiracies, and everybody’s been there. Everybody’s been there. Like, ‘Yooo, what’s going on with our world?’ You know, you click the YouTube click and it’s like, how deep the rabbithole goes."

In addition to saying he wasted too much time on YouTube, he also offered an apology to all the science teachers out there who implied to him that the airing of his opinion is making kids dumber.

"At the time, I just didn’t realize the effect and I was definitely at that time, like, ‘I’m a big conspiracy theorist," he said. "You can’t tell me anything.’ So, I’m sorry about all that, for all the science teachers. Everybody coming up to me like, ‘You know I gotta reteach my whole curriculum!’ I’m sorry. I apologize."

Irving previously indicated he was trolling with a long-winded explanation that didn't make much sense, though he also made the straight-out-of-the-ninth century claim a few times, so who the hell knows (it's not that tough a question). Anyways, this should set the record straight until he says something confusing about it again in the future. Now let us wait with bated breath and see if a maybe joking Shaq, maybe joking Draymond Green, and maybe jokingGeno Smith also clarify their stances.

The nation's youth is watching.

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