Johnny Manziel Knows the Browns Won't Ever Be Desperate Enough to Reach Back Out to Him

The Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback right now, but Johnny Manziel knows they're not going to call on him.

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The Browns have stayed true to their brand through the first two weeks of the 2016-17 NFL season. In their first game against the Eagles, the team lost their starting quarterback Robert Griffin III—possibly for the entire season—to a severe shoulder injury, and in their second game of the season, they lost RGIII's backup Josh McCown to shoulder injury as well and blew a 20-point lead to lose to the Ravens. The team is now so desperate for help at the quarterback position that they're going to be forced to start rookie Cody Kessler in Week 3. Kessler will be the 26th starting quarterback (!) for the Browns since 1999. They've also signed Charlie Whitehurst to be his backup, and if history repeats itself as it's been known to do in Cleveland, he'll be the 27th starter for the Browns in no time.

One guy who won't be starting anytime soon for the Browns is Johnny Manziel, who the team parted ways with earlier this yearTMZ Sports caught up with Manziel on Monday night in Los Angeles and asked the former first-round pick what he would say if Cleveland came calling. He laughed and said that he knows that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

"I wish them the best," Manziel, who was wearing a Los Angeles Rams hat at the time, said. "I doubt that'll happen. But I wish [Browns owner Jimmy] Haslam the best."

The TMZ Sports cameraman also asked Manziel his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's recent protests, and Manziel spoke about it for a few moments. "I think Colin Kaepernick is standing up for what he believes in," he said, "and he has a right to do that. So it'll sort itself out."

If nothing else, Manziel looked better than he has in recent months while speaking with  TMZ Sports. But it's probably going to be awhile before he gets another chance in the NFL.

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